– Budget Friendly Hot Tubs for the Economic Buyer

I am only one of the millions of people who are looking to buy a hot tub to use at home. I had always been fascinated with one whenever I seem it shown on TV, and I fell in love with it more when I experienced its soothing effects first hand at a local spa. My tired and aching body was relaxed and invigorated after I immersed my body in its warm and bubbly waters, and so I made it a point to save up and get one for myself so I can enjoy it anytime I want to.

I first tried looking around local hot tub and spa stores, but got turned off from the pesky sales agents who’ seems more nagging than helpful. I didn’t bother looking into another shop and instead started looking online for a reputable hot tub and spa dealer. This is where I stumbled upon, a company who offers hot tubs and sells them directly to customers, which most hot tub dealers don’t do. Its amazing to see them offer lots of different models from different brands along with varying price ranges and reviews that helped me see the top models as well as the budget-friendly ones.

The first one I saw was the drool-worthy Poseidon Outdoor Spa from Raindance, which looked perfect for group entertainment by easily accommodating up to 6 persons and comes with its very own Entertainment System, including a 15” LCD TV and CD/DVD player plus FM/AM Radio. The Poseidon has boasts a total of 80 stanard stainless jets jets, strategically positioned to relax the vital areas that need soothing, from the neck down to the feet. I can only imagine the perfect relaxing experience with my loved one and friends as we lay back and enjoy the great entertainment it provides. However, its $7,999 price tag, although discounted, is far from my budget limit so I looked around for more.

After going through the different hot tub models offered by Choosehottubsdirect, I found the Cozy Nest, which is the best among their 2 person-tubs. Aside from the free-waterfall that it features, has 24 jets set to work on the areas of the body which is most prone to stress and pains due to everyday work, including the neck, shoulders, arms, thighs, legs and feet. The ACC SmarTouch offers one-touch control that lets makes it easy to control the temperature and the water jets to give me the maximum benefits in relaxation & hydrotherapy, which looked very impressive. The whole tub and its features was impressive enough, but what helped me seal the deal was its affordable price of $2,499, which was $500 less than my money in hand. This was what I got for me and my partner, and we got even more delighted once we received it (delivered with free shipping by the way from Choose Hot Tub Direct) , we found out that it can actually accommodate 3 persons easily! Just perfect for us since we’re considering to start our own family soon!

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