How one apartment locator can save you money

How one apartment locator can save you money

We all know moving can be an incredibly stressful time. From trying to find the perfect apartment to packing your stuff to physically moving it to a new location, it can be overwhelming at times. It can also cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t plan properly. That’s where Move For Free in Houston comes into the picture. Our job is to make your move as simple (and affordable) as possible.

Let’s break down the typical cost of a move. That dollar amount typical hinges on a couple of different factors. The mileage of your move and the amount of stuff you own. Here are the different scenarios.

If you’re a DIY type of person, the first thought is typically to use your own pick-up truck or find a friend who will lend you theirs (hopefully helping you pack and unload along the way). This method does help you save money (if you’re moving a short distance). The only thing you’re paying for is the gas you used and possibly some adult beverages and pizza as a reward for your friend’s help. But it is a costly method in one sense: time. Moving one load at a time takes forever, especially if you’re moving all the way across Houston.

Another popular option is to rent a moving truck. This typically costs anywhere from $100-$300, depending on the mileage and amount of gas you use. This saves time because you don’t have to make multiple trips, and it spares you the hassle of begging friends to use their vehicles. But renting your own truck still means you’re doing all the hard work – lifting boxes up and down stairs (and having to return the truck when you are ready to collapse from exhaustion).

The third option is to hire a moving company to do everything for you. It cuts out the hassles of begging for or renting a truck, lifting all your stuff up and down the stairs and driving back and forth across Houston. But a typical professional moving crew will cost you anywhere from $300-$400.

The last option is the best option. It’s to use Move For Free, the apartment locator Houston renters trust. You can find the perfect apartment home in Move For Free’s database of thousands of apartment communities – for free. After that is accomplished, you can pick from three, free-move offers. Just pick the one that most closely matches your situation. Move For Free’s friendly customer service representatives will gladly help you determine which move offer works best for you. Then you schedule your move, and that’s it! Professional, licensed movers take over from there. And did I mention this is all free? Move For Free is paid a real estate commission from the apartment community you select, and a part of that commission goes toward paying for your move. There’s no catch, and you don’t have to rent/borrow a truck, move your stuff up and down stairs or drive back and forth. It’s a no-brainer.

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