More about Feng Shui

More about Feng Shui

Have you ever been in a house that is classified and arranged according to the guidelines of feng shui? If so, you know what I mean. If not then I will try to describe what you could see: everything what you want.

A feng shui house has that unmistakable feeling of balance, order (though there may be anything from anywhere) the atmosphere of the room is doing something positive with you. Depending on the space could be that it invites you to action, conversations, to concentrated thinking or a quiet sleep.

A feng shui house colors and layout where the residents say, “Yes, that’s fine.”
The house fits in that way seamlessly around them. Alternatively, visitors say “Yes, this is clearly your house” or even “yes, this is so you.” This is because each house (feng shui or not) reflects its inhabitants. Everyone knows that phenomenon, just think of a teen room!

Many people think that Feng Shui deals with complex calculations, or compass directions (and often especially) the placement of symbolic objects at strategic points. But that is definitely not true. Try it, play with it, who knows what you discover!

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