Tips for Pool Maintenance

Tips for Pool Maintenance

Annually, after the emptying of water from the pool, either by gravity or by an appropriate pump, it is recommended to be thoroughly cleaned by an acid detergent and rinse well.

Then we perform an analysis of the coating (tile) of the same, eliminating the mosaic cracks or fissures, this will prevent further damage to the pool as well as prevent algae and / or fungus from growing on them, fouling the water. The cracks can be filled with grout (a mixture of white cement paste).

After the cleaning and repair, and before refilling the pool , you should use an anti-algae concentrate.

Once full, clean up the funds at least 2 times per week. We should add commodities (chlorine and algae) in the amounts recommended by the manufacturer of the product, and always with the jets that facilitate quick and effective solution. After about 24 hours of filtering, if the health parameters are correct, and the water is clear and we can use the pool. From that moment, checking pH of pool water should be weekly, and whenever you add more water to it, since it is very likely that the pH value varies.

To remove algae stains, use an algae, brush the pool properly and continuously filtered to remove the dead algae, including cleaner.

Turbid water may have several causes, such as insufficient or poor filtration, poor balance or insufficient level of oxidation (chlorine).

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