Water pump

Water pump

A water pump is a pump that brings water to the surface. It can be done mechanically or by hand with a crank back and forth. A manual pump is also called crank pump. In the past, groundwater (including spring water ), or rain water for consumption or other purposes usually used an acorn from a well or cistern scooped. Also, surface water was frequently used. During the 17th century the first water pumps show up anwere used to pump shallow groundwater.

They appeared initially mainly in urban areas where surface water was unavailable or very dirty. They were the town pump or village pump intended for common use and a meeting place for the residents. Also, the laundry was done with this type of pump. Sometimes they were beautifully executed with an elegant stone casing. Many of these pumps are built in the 18th century.

Even brewers sometimes had their own pump. The pump had a reasonable quality but sometimes it was often difficult to get to the pump. In the 19th century, there was cast iron pump and from 1870 it become the village water pump. Also cast iron pump was located and designed for individuals such as farmers. It was really popular. Many farms and houses, possessed it. In the late nineteenth century began the industrial production of water supply, but in rural water supply came through private pumps until the mid-twentieth century is still very common.

In developing countries like Africa , South America and Asia find the common water pump still very important and it is important to build water pumps as an important tool for fight against infectious diseases. Today they are produced for different purposes, for example, watering and irrigating gardens and lawns. Especially popular and practical are mobile Petrol water pumps. Because of their low cost and practicality they are present in almost every household.

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