Korner – Home Security at the Reach of Everyone’s Pocket

Home invasion, burglary, theft and even murders happen everyday in a different place in one and neighboring communities. These are actually enough reasons why home security is a vital element that should never go unnoticed. The sad thing, however, is that mostly affluent families are the only ones who can afford it. But now, this has changed with Korner Home Security.

Korner is a brainchild of Steve Hollis, a man who saw the appalling reality of how people of the low-income bracket are at more risks to dangers at the confines of their homes. The reason being would be that surveillance and alarm systems are steeply priced. Now, wanted to change this, so he decided to gather his engineer friends and try to do a different approach to the tagging alarm system. And thus, the birth of Korner.

One of the biggest goals of Steve Hollis is to promote concern neighbors in a community. For that reason, the app can be linked to other users in the perimeters of the community so that the main contact can pass the message on to those who are closer to the home where the alarm is set. Steve believes that we can all work hand in hand, which is the main purpose of this Crowd Funding Project. I have already secured myself a set through a contribution, and I believe that you should, too. Let’s all build safer nations in the littlest yet most effective way around. Visit website¬†http://kornersafe.com.

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