Carnival Themed Kids Party

Kids seem like they are hard to please these days with all the excitement technology provides. Thus, planning an exciting and thrilling kids birthday party can be challenging. There are however many themes that still prove to excite kids and make it so that they enjoy their party along with their friends.

As far as kids themes there are an abundance to choose from and it can be difficult to find one that everyone enjoys. One thing that will almost always be true though is kids love the carnival. The carnival is exciting and geared towards kids. So there is no better theme than a carnival themed birthday party. You can bring the carnival right to your child by setting up a variety of carnival games for your kid and his or her friends to enjoy. Game ideas include ring toss, milk bottle bowling, ball and bucket toss and bingo.

Choices of snack items should prove to be easy here since snack items are abundant at carnivals. You can provide elephant ears, corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and sno-cones. Several retail stores are available countrywide as well as online that offer equipment rental for these items. If equipment rental isn’t possible than purchasing the items as-is will still do just fine with the kids.Finally if possible you could rent and hire a crew to set up a carnival ride or two. You could even hire a clown and possibly set up a puppet show to entice the kids even more. Of course you shouldn’t forget the prizes. Prizes can be fancy or cheap but giving prizes for game participation and wins will ensure that the kids fully enjoy the moment. Examples of prizes include dollar store items like trinkets, stuffed animals, games, toys and candy.

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