Childhood Quotes

The magic of childhood is that it is an eternity that passes in the blink of an eye.
Spend time with your kids. Immerse yourself in their secret childhood joys. Lose yourself in play. Be silly. Eat cookies in their blanket fort. See how high you can swing. For soon enough, you will return to adulthood.
A happy childhood is one of the only gifts you can give your children that will last their entire lives.
Childhood memories are the foundation on which all adults are built.
The innocence of childhood is made of stardust and angel wings.
Don’t rush them to grow up. Soon enough, you’ll be begging them to slow down. On the other side of adulthood, no childhood ever seems to have lasted quite as long as it should.
If you ever find yourself wondering if there is any goodness left in the world, look into a child’s eyes. Childhood remembers what adults forget.

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