Mens Business Shirts

Business ShirtMens business shirts come in many styles and colors to fit within a range of looks for the office. From dressing down on casual days to looking your best for that most important business meeting, selecting the right shirt is a matter of knowing what to look for.

For days when a pair of slacks, a casual business shirt and a sport coat will get you through the work day, a nice patterned shirt will serve the purpose. From a small checked print to a striped design, the pairing goes well, and transitions to evening wear for that impromptu after-work get together.

For the dressy business look, nothing compares with the traditional white men’s business shirt, which comes in button-down or straight collar styles. Adding a splash of color is acceptable when the pattern is subtle, such as navy or black pinstripes on a white background, or even a medium blue background showing white pinstripes. With the right suit pairing and an appropriate matching tie, either look will show your impeccable taste in business attire.

Mens business shirts come in a range of prices beginning at just under $20 for quality no-iron cotton and running well into the hundreds of dollars for custom-made business shirts. For a few dollars more, you can get your shirts monogrammed, adding a special touch to your look. Whatever style you choose, make sure that the fit is right so that you can stay comfortable all day long at the office.

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