Animal Skin Rugs – Mother Earth’s Rug

Animal Skin RugsAnimal skin rugs are making a comeback. Many people want to bring nature indoors, and a natural animal hide rug can add beauty to any home. Each rug has a unique rustic appearance, and the rugs look great in any setting. Cowhide rugs are known for their durability. Reindeer rugs look great as accent pieces. Sheepskin rugs are known for their delicate materials, and a sheepskin rug can add luxury to any room in your home.

They Are Natural in Color and Markings

Animal skin rugs are available in a variety of colors, and each rug has a distinct design. Animal hide rugs have soft natural fibers. Since all animals are unique, you are guaranteed to get a rug with a unique pattern. Unlike synthetic rugs, animal hide rugs are hypoallergenic. The fibers do not contain irritants, and the soft material will not scratch your furniture.

They Add Texture to a Home

Animal hide rugs are a great way to add texture to your home. They can be used as a decor item in any room, and the earth tones will match any room in your home. Animal skins can accent a western decor theme. A cowhide or reindeer rug can add color to plain white walls. They can also be used in an elegant decor theme. Since sheepskin rugs are naturally white, they are the perfect complement to a classic decor theme.

They Are Warm

No one wants to step on cold floors in the cold winter months. Many homeowners install carpet to warm floors, but synthetic carpet can harbor germs and bacteria. Scientists have proven carpets can harbor thousands of germs. Animal print rugs do not absorb allergens, and shaking out the rug will remove debris. They add beauty and warmth to floors. During the winter months, animal skin rugs will warm your floors. The naturally soft material will not scratch wood floors.

They Are Versatile

Animal skin rugs can be used as furniture throws. The soft fibers will make your sofa warm and cozy. When you are ready for a nap, you can cover your skin with feathery soft animal skin. Hunters used animal skins as blankets for thousands of years, and a soft animal hide can still keep you warm during the winter months.

There are a few ways to clean animal skin rugs. If the rug has pet hair, run a vacuum over the rug. Spots can be removed with warm water and mild soap. Avoid saturating the rug with water, and do not put it in the dryer. Instead, hang the rug outside to dry in the sunshine. Do not waste money on synthetic carpet. Use animal skin as an accent piece or rug. If you keep your rug away from heat, it will stay soft and beautiful for several years.


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