Carpet cleaning tips

Cleaning your rental property before moving out

When you choose to sell a property that you have or vacate your rental property and move into a new home, you may have two key things on your mind. First, you want to quickly get settled into your new home, so you may be in a hurry to move out of your rental property. Second, you want to do what you can to get every last dollar of your rental deposit back. Many rental leases stipulate that a property must be restored to the condition it was in at the time of move-in, in order get the security deposit back. Some outline that cleaning fees will be deducted from it if the property is dirty in any way.

Getting settled into your new home and taking time to thoroughly clean your former home can seem like contradictions. However, by following a few key steps (click here for more cleaning tips), you can clean your former home with less time and effort.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service
First, consider the benefits of hiring a professional cleaners. Many cleaning services will have a special make-ready or move-out service that is more affordable than their basic cleaning service. This is because the rental property will not have any furniture in it. The kitchen and bathrooms will be wiped clean, the carpet will be vacuumed, ceiling fans and baseboards will be cleaned and more. The home will look practically spotless after it has been professionally cleaned.

Hire a Sydney Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional carpet cleaning from a company like Carpet Cleaning Done Right will do two key things that can help you to get your rental deposit back. First, it will remove tough stains and spots that have developed on the carpeting during your months in the property. Second, carpet cleaners can expertly deodorise a home. This is especially helpful if you have teenage boys, pets and other inhabitants who may have left behind an odour. The result of using a carpet cleaning Sydney service like Carpet Cleaning Done Right is that the rental property will be left in good condition.

Do a Walk-Through
Before you hand over the keys, do a quick walk-through of the property. Look for any blemishes or areas of dirt that may have not been noticed before. A property owner may charge you a significant amount for even a small repair because he may add money for the supplies as well as his own labour to the amount he is deducting from the security deposit. For example, a torn window screen may cost you a few dollars to repair, but the landlord may charge you three times that actual amount if he has to fix it. Making these small repairs as needed throughout the property can help you to get your money back. If you spot a final dirty patch on your carpet, try following these cleaning tips.

Of course, there are fees associated with hiring a professional cleaning service and professional carpet cleaners. However, in many cases, the cost for these fees is very minimal compared to the fees that will be deducted from your deposit if the landlord charges them to you. Consider getting quotes general cleaning and professional carpet cleaning services today.

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