Dog Containment Fences and Bark Collars

Dog Containment Fences and Bark Collars

There are a few different methods for keeping a dog contained. Most simply, keep the dog inside the house at all times. Don’t give the dog the opportunity to escape at all. The disadvantage with this approach is that the dog must be let out multiple times a day for exercise and bowel movements.

Another option is to build a confinement fence. Fencing off the edges of a yard will give the dog free roam of the land, while keeping it confined to one location. There are lots of different fences to choose from. They can be built relatively cheaply or be extremely elaborate in their design. Regardless of the type of fence, all of them should serve their purpose – that is, to keep a dog contained.

Among the most popular of dog containment fences is the electric fence. This isn’t like the electric fence used to keep in cattle. An electric dog containment fence consists of an underground wire which runs around the border of a property. This wire will trigger an electric shock to the body which passes over it. Sometimes, property owners will stake out the perimeter of the fence with small flags. Otherwise, the fence is completely invisible above ground. Dog containment fences are extremely effective at keeping in dogs. Even the strongest and most resistant dogs can be trained to stay in bounds.

Bark collars are an option many dog owners also consider if they live in a residential area. Barking dogs can be an extreme annoyance to neighbors, which is a strain to neighborhood relations. Bark collars are worn around a dog’s neck. When the dog barks, the collar senses the vocal flexing and gives the dog a brief shock. Bark collars are a simple and effective tool to reduce a dog’s barking.

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