Feeling At Home in Your Dorm Bedding

Dorm rooms are for the most part universal. The rooms are small, cold, not well lit, linoleum floors with concrete walls and very impersonal. When college students move into the dorms they want their rooms to be comfortable and make a statement about their personality. Of all the aspects of dorm decor, dorm bedding is an excellent way to create comfort with style.

When buying bedding for a dorm, students need to be aware that dorm rooms come with XL twin beds; this is to accommodate taller students. To plan your dorm bedding, work from the mattress up, when done you will have a bed that is comfortable and personal.

Starting with the mattress you will want to cover it with a cover made especially to keep out bed bugs, dust mites and are water resistant. Most covers are hypoallergenic and are washable. Most dorm mattresses are very hard so you will be wise to invest in a mattress pad.Memory foam pads cost a little more but are extremely comfortable. An alternative to the mattress pad is a twin XL pillow top feather bed. They too can get costly but they provide several inches thick filled with goose down and feathers. The feather bed is stain resistant and designed with a high thread count for quality.

As mentioned, dorm rooms are small leaving little room for chairs, therefore the bed acts much as a couch. You will definitely want to keep this in mind as you get close to finishing your dorm bedding. The comforter, sheet and pillow set will be your biggest personal touch, but remember people will probably be sitting on your bed, so stay away from white or very light colors. When choosing your set you will also want stain resistant material with a high thread count. Don’t be afraid of color, the brighter your color or pattern the brighter the room will appear.

The final issue to consider with dorm bedding is not the actual bedding but more of an organizational tool. You will definitely want to consider bed risers. They raise your bed up to allow you more storage space. Remember dorm rooms are small and you will need to utilize all the space possible. So get busy making the dorm room YOUR dorm room.

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