How to choose a LCD monitor

How to choose a LCD monitor

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors have become popular as most people are looking into more advancement. Due to their size, weight, display quality and compatibility to various electronics, a LCD monitor can be a wise alternative to CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. Before making the decision to purchase a LCD monitor however, it is important to consider some factors and below are tips on how to choose a LCD monitor.

Suitable size
Because the monitors come in various sizes starting from 15 to 30 inches, you should be able to determine the size that suits your needs. Larger monitors are perfect for games and movie viewing while medium monitors will suit your text viewing and daily office program needs. LCD monitors between 22-24 inches are recommended as they provide enough screens without consuming much space.

Pixel Response Rate
This rate is measured in milliseconds and the faster the rate, the better videos are displayed without blurring effects. A LDC monitor with a fast rate of 2-5 milliseconds is perfect for game display. This is an important aspect especially for game fans.

Monitor Resolution
This basically refers to the number of pixels that a LCD monitor can display vertically or horizontally. The resolution being higher implies more info displayed on the screen. For buyers who tend to make a lot of high resolution pictures, it is recommended to opt for a LCD with a high native resolution which is 1400X1050 or more.

Additional features
One of the tips of how to pick a LCD monitor is to consider a monitor that that you can easily connect to a computer through digital interface DVI. The connection will improve the display quality of the screen. There also are other features to look out for like speakers and a TV turner which will offer a fully- fledged TV display.

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