Plastic Mattress Bag

Plastic mattress bags are an inexpensive way to protect your mattress during a move or while the mattress is in storage. Mattresses are expensive, and this inexpensive option can help keep them like new for years. A plastic mattress bag is a worthwhile purchase – it can save you from having to buy an entirely new mattress. Moving a mattress can be a risky maneuver. During the course of a move mattresses can be dropped on the ground, fly out of the back of a truck and possibly get rained on. A mattress bag can help in each of these situations.

Durable – Most mattress bags are created from the strongest of plastics, polyethylene or polypropylene. These plastics create a durable shell around your mattress that guards it against most hazards that may be encountered. Is it raining when you’re moving, and you just can’t wait for it to stop? No problem, a mattress bag will keep your mattress safe. Mattress bags have even been known to keep a mattress safe if it happens to fly out of the back of a truck!

Inexpensive – The exact price of your future mattress bag will vary depending on where it is purchased. However, it is safe to say it will be dramatically less expensive than the cost of a new mattress. Most mattress bags are easy to slip on and off as well. The extra time and money involved with purchasing and using a mattress bag can protect your mattress investment.

Grip – Mattresses are notoriously difficult to move. Do you grab the bottom and a side, or try to push your hands together to form a vice-grip on it? Mattress bags offer loose plastic that allows you to create a handle wherever you see fit. This will ensure that you and your moving partner safely transport the mattress from your home to the truck.

Benefits for Storing a Mattress

When a mattress sits in a storage unit, it will certainly gather dust. It can also encounter other hazards, such as mildew or pests. An unprotected mattress will be rendered entirely useless if subjected to these hazards. However, a mattress bag is specifically designed to protect your mattress and preserve its condition – regardless of how long it is in storage.

Protection – Dirt and dust will enter your storage unit, even if it is an indoor unit of the highest quality. A mattress bag provides an airtight encasement that will prevent it from gathering dust. Storage units are also subject to flooding and moisture. A proper mattress bag will be able to keep this moisture out and keep the mattress ready for use.

Safety – While storage unit companies do their best to keep pests out, it is still possible that unwanted pests can infiltrate the premises. Spiders, scorpions and bed bugs can easily nestle into an unprotected mattress. A mattress bag will keep all of these pests out, ensuring that you stay safe once you start using the mattress bag again.

Peace of Mind – Is there anything more valuable than the peace of mind that comes from knowing your belongings are safe? A mattress bag can give you comfort by letting you know that your mattress is protected.

Mattress bags are a worthy investment that can preserve the life of your mattress during a move or a stay in storage. They are inexpensive, plentiful and well worth every penny.

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