Teenagers Secrets

The more youngsters get into their teenage years, the more it becomes difficult to understand them. Their behaviors change and their moods become seemingly different. It simply means that they can become strange and become terribly moody. Rightly so, parents ought to understand them in order to minimize misunderstandings. There are times when the teens seem to be cooperative but many are the times when they become unpredictable and impulsive. Other notable teen behaviors include over confidence and insecurity. Reliable statistics have proved that the teen stage comes with great turmoil and confusion. As a matter of fact, it is the time when the teens need their parents more. Adolescence is a transition period that will definitely affect the social biological and psychological stage of the teens. At this stage, teens are extremely difficult to handle. It is time when they may tend to ignore their parents words and if the parents are not attentive and patient, they may end up becoming hyper sensitive and react authoritatively. It is a time when the teens want to share their life and parents should not judge them in any way.

Here are some of the things teens want their parents to know:

Parents should not act like they know everything about their teenage kids. This is a stage when teens change their interests and even their identity. It is advisable for parents to ask more and get clarification about particular behaviors as opposed to assuming and judging the behaviors exhibited by the teens. This is a transition stage where teens want their parents to take total interest in their lives and acknowledge the fact that their interests are changing as they get into another stage.

Teens want their parents to know that they are listening to them even when it seems as if they are ignorant. A teenager may show certain behaviors when talking to the parent and this may be misunderstood for ignorance. However, the teenage child may just be pretending not to listen but in reality, he or she is very attentive. This is a behavior that can make the parent think he or she is being ignored.

Teenage kids want their parents to know that if they are treated like kids, they will also retaliate and reciprocate the same by simply acting like kids. It is a stage when they wish parents exercised a little faith in them. They should not be treated as if their major intention is to break the rules that the parents have set.

Majority of the teen kids want parents to recognize their friends because they matter a lot. If all the statistics conducted are anything to go by, kids who have hit the age of 11 tend to spend more time with their friends. It consequently leads to peer influence and this call for understanding from the parents. The teens want their parents to know that friends are important to them. The only thing parents are required to do is perform regular checks on the negative pressure that may arise as a result of the peer groups.

Parents should also know that this transition period for their teenage kids is just a stage that will pass. They will come to realize later that their kids were not as bad as they earlier thought. If the current relationship between the parents and kids is rocky and shaky, the kids want you to know it is not going to last forever. Even though the relationship seems tainted, there will come a time when they will accept the reality and it will be back to normal life again.

The age of 13 to 14 is when the radical changes in behaviors become evidently clear. In reality, the teens experience at this stage can be extreme. It is also a time when they tend to sleep more and their interior lives can eventually irritate adults. The teenage stage makes teens to question authority and sometimes openly disobey the household rules. If the parents do not understand them, the consequences may be devastating. Parents should not be judgmental but understanding and polite. If there is a good understanding and the parents understand their teenage kids, the transition period will be easy and even enjoyable.

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