Laminated Flooring Overview

Laminated flooring is an increasingly popular alternative to hardwood and carpeted flooring options. The technology of laminated flooring design has dramatically improved, as well as the cost of purchasing and applying. It is often difficult to distinguish laminate flooring from real wood or tile flooring. Laminate flooring is offered in a wide range of colors and designs for virtually all floor types.

The benefits of using this type of laminated flooring are well worth the time for installation and the relatively low cost of materials, depending of the type of flooring applied.

Laminated flooring comes in three types:

1) Factory pre-glued, which often requires moistening or peeling of paper backing
2) “Floating” glueless, which requires snapping or locking tiles together in pre-cut interlocking grooves
3) Installer-applied. This type requires a special glue, which the installer glues manually to each tongue and groove plank.

(Installer-applied laminated flooring is the least used, while floating glueless in the most common type of laminate flooring.)

Benefits of Laminated Flooring:

* Highly stain, scratch, sunlight and impact resistant
* Does not require polishing or waxing
* Excellent do-it-yourself project

Potential Drawbacks:

* Excessive moisture can damage flooring performance
* Can be scratched by moving of heavy furniture, heavy pet scratches, etc.
* Damaged tiles, or planks, are not easily repaired

Overall, the advantaged of laminated flooring are numerous and growing. Laminated flooring, in any type, is an excellent alternative to traditional flooring. Furthermore, the options and technology will continually evolve.

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