Tips for Updating Your Old Staircase

Tips for Updating Your Old Staircase

When you are tired of the creaking every time you walk on your stairs, or you just need a dramatic change of scenery, you begin to take on the lofty challenge of updating your old staircase. The task may sound like a huge and very dramatic renovation, but there are many changes and improvements you can make without spending all your time and money on a new staircase.

There are a lot of different options to help make your staircase more fresh and functional. First, you must decide what the real problems are that you are seeing with your staircase, design or functionality. Once you have it narrowed down you can get to work and finally create the staircase you always wanted. Here are some ideas for a more usable and stylish staircase in your home.

Move away from the traditional

Many old homes have traditional staircases that often look bland and outdated. Many new home designs are embracing the idea of spiral stair cases. Spiral stairs not only add a dramatic element to your home, they save floor space and create an open, flowing feel throughout your home.

Completely replacing a staircase can be a lot of work depending on the state of your home, but using a spiral staircase kit can make it easier. Simply tear out your old staircase, and let the kit do the rest of the work for you. With some easy assembly, you will have a new look for your home and a staircase that will not creak every time you walk on it.

Cover up the scuffs and scratches

If the problems with your staircase are minor, like a few, or many, scratches or nicks, your job when fixing it up will be even simpler. A simple paint job may be just enough to may your staircase smile again.

Try out some of the new trends coming out for staircases if you want to add a little more edge. New ideas include painting the fronts of each step a bright color, using a pattern, or even different colors for each step. If you would rather not mess with stencils, use wallpaper to place an intricate design on your steps.

Try a different material

Maybe the design or structure is not the problem with your staircase, but you crave a different look or feel. Trying out a different texture using another material can give your stairs a modern look without costing you the time and money of replacing the entire staircase.

Choose a material practical for your life and your family. Metals can withstand more traumas and can give your home a modern, edgy feel. Glass panels can be difficult to maintain, but will give an elegant and sophisticated look to your home. Research different materials and choose one that will work for you on every level.

Restructure the railing

If the foundation of your staircase is solid, but the railing has seen better days, adjust only that to see great improvement in your staircase. Use the previously mentioned style methods to help transform the look of your staircase while you improve its stability, with things like strategic painting and new materials.

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