Sun protection

Sun protectionWhen buying Sun protection cream you must pay attention first and foremost on good protection: the Australian factors are not equal to the U.S. and European, and sometimes a manufacturer uses its own factors.

It will be listed separately if the product also protects against UV-A radiation. UVB radiation burns the skin, while UVA rays accelerated skin aging. Both types of radiation contribute to the formation of skin cancer. A new logo was introduced for sunscreens that protect against UVA. This logo indicates that a sunscreen UVA protection factor is at least one third of UVB protection a cream has.

As regards the UVB protection (called SPF – Sun Protection Factor) are now four recognized classes:

  • Low protection: SPF 6-10
  • Average Protection: SPF 15 – 20-25
  • High protection: 30-50
  • Very high protection: 50 +

For children you should always assume that they do not have a tan skin and sunscreen should be with a high or very high protection factor (SPF of at least 30 and UVA protection). Always select a good sunscreen. This is very important, because very often you should grease! Notice the smell, texture and price. The preferred products from the pharmacy gives you as much as possible with a minimum risk for skin. Besides a high protection it is important to ask your pharmacist to suggest a cream that is also hypoallergenic – quality products at a slightly higher price.


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